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Teplar services cover from process optimization, custom application implementation and quality management, specialized know how to include IT aspects in innovation topics.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

At Teplar our digital transformation consulting helps companies and enterprises to identify gaps between what they require and where they are now. In case of re-engineering your work process, skill set or just you want to move into a new technology platform, Teplar is ready to work closely in the development of a complete customized programme.

BI Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our BI Consultants recognize the need to visualise an appropriate strategic planning model with your existing data, which helps companies to design for their future and thus secure the full advantages of getting insights. From single dashboard you can go with set of implementable and executable strategic initiatives.

ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting & Services

The integration with ERP solutions can unify your business applications and it is important if your business has to increase efficiency and professional way of approach. Teplar gives a vast range of Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting Services to make sure that your business gets more process flow coverage from your ERP software and that it completely suits your business needs.

AI & ML Consulting

AI & Machine Learning Consulting

AI and Machine Learning Consulting Services from Teplar help you develop AI automation to drive smart reinvention of your day-to-day workflows and technology. Teplar helps you implement a data first ML strategy, take importance of your data, augmenting the same with third party sources and integrate with other technologies sources such as CRM, existing ERP, Internet of things, Ecommerce and Intelligent Automation, to achieve business insights faster. Teplar is there to guide in right direction for implementation in enterprise AI and ML transformation journey.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting & Services

Teplar Blockchain Consulting helps to develop, maintain and identify suitable blockchain system, provide guidance for cryptocurrency related products, web application services, provide long term support and advice on apt technological adoption. You could find the complete spectrum of blockchain solutions at Teplar, as our consultants operate in multiple disciplines.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting & Services

Teplar, Cloud consulting guides you to reduce operational expenses on existing system, boost innovation with low risk of data clash, easy server maintenance, unleash new possibilities and realize you with strategic IT objective in AWS, Azure and Google cloud. We will help you focus on your core business.

Big Data Consulting

Big Data Consulting & Services

Teplar consultants fine tune the data search and analytics solutions for our customers worldwide. Our experts help in Big Data strategy planning, solution implementation and support your application.

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