Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is developed on the convention of best Business Intelligence products available – SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Microsoft Excel.

Tableau Software

Tableau Software

Tableau is another stronger platform in data visualization for a long time. There are a few factors that will heavily tip the scales in favor of Tableau.

Analysis & Consulting

Analysis & Consulting

Technical assessment of your current IT software – how to make sure that your current applications.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

BI transforms your raw data into meaningful and useful information for the purpose of analysis and decision-making. BI technologies are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities for your organization.

Having a well-designed Business Intelligence solution presents a very streamlined way for you to access your organizational data. We build solutions to consolidate data from multiple sources to ease the process of transforming data into information.

We do it by creating a data warehouse to consolidate all of your information into a single set of tables, allowing for a structured and analytic solution that makes sense for your organization. Once effectively deployed throughout your organization, a BI solution will ensure that everyone in your organization is looking at exactly the same information, and from the same source.

Teplar Solutions has extensive experience in implementing BI solutions. We integrate BI strategies, leveraging our expertise to customize data solution that helps you maximize efficiency and profitability.

We provide BI solutions in Power BI and Tableau, due to their robust functionalities, technical capabilities, cost effectiveness, market leadership and powerful data visualization and integration.

We provide End-to-end Data Visualization and Data Integration Services

Data Integration

We start tackling new data challenges with Query tool. We can also scale up to SQL Server and Integration Services where necessary.

Query can quickly integrate and transform data from files/spreadsheets, databases, websites, the cloud and more. Query can automate existing manual Excel processes.

When it makes sense, we scale solutions up to SQL Server Integration Services. Sometimes that is as simple as wrapping a layer of server automation around Query Or it can be as complex as designing and maintaining a multi-terabyte data warehouse.

Data Analysis

We design and build the ultimate Data Analysis engines – cubes where you can slice-and-dice your data by multiple dimensions at the speed of thought.

We know how far you can push the Data Model engine in Power BI & Tableau – it can handle many millions of rows of data and complex business rules. We design and build cubes that make business sense and expose the true meaning of your data for analysis.

When your cubes need to be scaled up or deployed more broadly, we are expert in SQL Server Analysis Services – either Tabular or Multi-Dimensional flavours. We go far beyond a crude “data dump” cube and make sure all your business rules and requirements are just a click away.

Data Visualisation

We are experts in designing the right clean, high-impact visualizations for your data.

We convert data into information through Big Data, dashboards, scorecards, Key Performance Indicators, reporting, data warehousing.

Power BI & Tableau are outstanding tools for visualizing data – striking the ideal balance between interactivity and intuitive exploration.

We can effectively leverage the impressive library of Custom Visuals and R Visuals available.


Clients will get assistance with solution development targeted at SQL Server, data staging, data warehouse tables, etc., and last but not least, core support for recurring monthly analyst and business user data needs.

Available every day, the team will be there to help with any immediate needs as well as support the clients continued growth and development. At Teplar, clients come first by putting values on teamwork, commitment, and integrity with every project. These principals enable us to deliver on promises and go above and beyond to meet your ever-changing needs.

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