Teplar helps the clients utilize data as a strategic asset, delivering data architecture and data integration solutions to drive insights and analytics across your organization. Our solutions monitor trends, measure performance, and provide real-time analytics for rapid, informed decision making. We leverage industry leading technology from Microsoft and Tableau to build modern data platforms that reduce operating costs, increase market share, improve workforce efficiency, and so much more. We also provide cloud services, build custom applications, web design and development.

We help organization to get the insights they need from data, through building tools and solutions that provide easier access to data or creating data models that are easier to understand.


No matter whether you need to enhance your existing BI system, or create an analytics roadmap to set your strategy, our experienced team can take you to where you want to go.

More than just technology specialists – we’re your trusted advisors, helping you leverage new technology, to create brilliant analytics solutions.

Our services strive to create valuable solutions and get your end users excited about using them.

We work with you to create intuitive – and even fun to use – solutions that focus on usability, and we give you ample time to provide feedback by building prototypes and data models early in the deployment process.